While driving my minivan, yup I’m a soccer mom, schlepping my young boys around town to pick up the 2 things I needed to finish a cake, a light when off in my head… a sweet, sugary light bulb!

It would be so nice to have one place to shop, to get everything I need to make sweet treats! Well, hey, I’m a mom, I can do that, right?

Sooooo, ideas were mixed and stirred and when the timer finally went off, Shore Cake Supply was baked to perfection and ready to delight!

Shore Cake Supply is here with ingredients, tools and plenty of inspiration to help you create tasty memories that will keep you coming back for more! From simple to simply amazing, we are here for bakers of all skill levels! Stop by!

Shore Cake Supply is for you and about you! Please share your advice, stories, questions, photos and more! Let’s share, let’s create, let’s taste and most importantly let’s have fun!