Gold and Silver are HOT topics right now!

There are so many products out there to give your treats a super shiny, blinged out look, however many are not edible. Most commonly used are disco dusts, luster dusts and highlighters. We do carry all of these in our store, however they are technically only for decorative use, non food items. But do not worry your pretty little hearts, we have other options too. Airbrush colors, Wilton Color Mists and Crystal Colors Pearlized dusts, which I will show you here. All of these are edible! Yeah!

So take a look at those chocolates above, how pretty is the one on the right?

Here it is, short and sweet. Start with any chocolate that you would like.

Dip your brush into the Crystal Colors dust, I am using Bright Silver.

Now rub your brush onto the chocolate. Do not add water, chocolate and water are not friends.

Look how the details of your chocolate really pop!

Now the best part… you’re done! Pair your shiny chocolates on a platter with other pretty treats and share with someone special!