Chocolate Covered Oreos.

Oreos. Covered in chocolate.

It gets better. Now chocolaty goodness can be customized for any celebration, and get this… It’s Easy Peasy!

What is your party theme? Birthday ninja, rock star baby, divalicious? Go ahead, dream up something pretty awesome. Email Shore Cake Supply the pictures you want to order.

Once the images are printed, and you are ready to get started, punch out your custom images using one of these bad boys.

Best. Invention. Ever.

These are paper punches found in the scrap-booking section of your favorite craft supply store. As you see, I have a collection. For this project, I used a 1.5-inch circle punch. The 2-inch punch also works great.

Here are my images, perfect circles every time! Sure beats using scissors! (but you totally can if you do not have a paper punch!) Now put them upside down in your cookie chocolate mold.

Melt up your favorite chocolate, Merckens all the way here! 30 seconds in the microwave, pull it out and stir, 30 more seconds in the microwave, pull it out and stir. That stirring is an important step, be sure to do it!

Using this super fancy kitchen tool, the teaspoon, carefully put a big dollop of chocolate right on top of the edible image.

Next, put in your favorite sandwich cookie. Really, you can put in any kind of cookie that would fit! Gently push it into the chocolate, this will help the chocolate get up the sides of the cookie.

Try not to push too hard, cause then you will see the cookie thru the chocolate on the other side. Not so pretty.

Top it off with a little bit more chocolate, then carefully tap the mold on the counter to smooth things out. Making a mess is optional, but oh so fun!  Somehow I get more chocolate on me than in the molds…

Tick-tock, tick-tock… waiting for them to set actually doesn’t take too long, but when you are dying to eat one, it seems like forever! Go ahead and pop it in the freezer to speed things up.

TIP: Flip the mold over and tap on the counter, if your chocolates do not pop right out, it is not ready. Back into the freezer.

Ding! They are ready! Box them up as a gift or display on a platter for guests to enjoy. You will be the captain of the party with these!