There are so many amazing ways to decorate cupcakes, but I am going to show you one way you may not have heard of yet. The kids will love this one! Coloring on your food! Yup, who doesn’t love coloring. And who doesn’t love cupcakes.

So naturally, they are a perfect fit!

First you will need a few simple tools: gumpaste, a rolling pin, cookie cutters and food markers.

On a clean surface, roll out some gumpaste. Not too thin, the thickness of a slice of cheese, or a touch thicker, works best.

Now use your cookie cutters to cut out some basic shapes. Pick out a design that would be fun to color or design.

Place your shapes on a piece of parchment paper and let them dry a while. The longer the better, but if you just can’t wait, an hour or so should be enough. They will be fragile, so be a little careful!

Now for the FUN PART!!  Color away! 

These markers are awesome! They are filled with food coloring, so they are completely safe to eat. Go wild, let the kids color both sides if they want! 

To put it all together, simply ice your cupcake with your favorite frosting, and place your artwork on top! Don’t be skimpy on your icing. Because you let the gumpaste dry before you colored it, it will stand right up in the icing. Use this idea to personalize the cupcakes with kids names or messages too! Having a cupcake decorating party? We use this trick with every one of our parties, the kids really love it!