I was asked to review these really cool silicone baking cups, by The New York Baking Company.

But as much as I love cupcakes, I thought it would be cool to do something, well… cool!

How about a dessert that is 100% edible, including the wrapper! What!

Here ya go… melt a little bit of Merckens candy coating in the color of your choice. Lots of colors to choose from!

Pour a little bit of melted chocolate into a silicone baking cup, and roll around until the chocolate is coated on all sides. Pour out any excess chocolate if necessary. Pop in fridge!

They only need to be in the fridge for a few minutes in order to set. Pull them out, but be careful they are a bit fragile! I found the easiest way to remove them is to pull a little on the sides of the liner to pull it away from the chocolate, then roll the silicone off.

Now for the best part!! Fill with anything you can dream up! Mousse, ice cream, candy… really, the possibilities are endless!

Soooo, my review is def a good one!

What fun things can you dream up using these silicone baking cups?