Did you know that you can decorate a cupcake for Thanksgiving in four easy steps? This simple fondant pumpkin tutorial will brighten up any basic cupcake or dessert, and you don’t need expert cake decorating skills to do it! Plus, you can find everything you need to make these cute fondant pumpkins right here at Shore Cake Supply.

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You Will Need:

Satin Ice 4oz Ready-to-Use Fondant (bright green vanilla) 

Satin Ice 4oz. Ready-to-Use Fondant (orange vanilla)


Satin Ice Ready-to-Use Fondant comes in a variety of colors. It’s easy to use and it’s perfect for color mixing, details, and figurines. You can find it in our store or through this link to our online shop.

fondant, cake decorating

Step 1.

Roll your fondant into two small balls. The orange should be a little larger than a marble, and the green (for the stem), should be a little smaller. Use your toothpick to press lines in the orange fondant ball for your pumpkin.

fondant, pumpkins, cupcakes, decorating, baking, supplies

Step 2.

Continue pressing lines around your orange fondant ball, creating the pumpkin. If you make a mistake or don’t like the way your lines look, roll the fondant again and press new lines with your toothpick.

fondant, pumpkin, cupcakes, decorating

Step 3.

Create a small hole in the top of the fondant pumpkin for the stem.

fondant, pumpkin, decorating, baking, supplies

Step 4.

Roll your green fondant ball into a stem shape, and place it into the hole of your orange pumpkin.

fondant, pumpkin, cupcakes, autumn, Fall, baking, supplies

fondant, pumpkin, baking, cupcakes, supplies

It’s up to you how to use your fondant pumpkins next! For a quick and easy decoration, use a decorator tip to create beautiful green frosting for your cupcakes or cake, and place your pumpkins on their own sweet little patch!

cupcakes, fondant, pumpkins, Fall, autumn, baking, supplies

These fondant pumpkins are great for topping cupcakes, cakes, or any dessert of your choice!

fondant, pumpkins, cupcakes, baking, supplies

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